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Celebrating the Beauty of the Algonkian Y Dialect!

Updated: Apr 30

Awán Na?

Is a children’s book that introduces its readers   to the Algonkian names of animals and their colors. It also presents the concept of animacy in Northeastern Woodland Indian culture. This fun and engaging book builds its readers’ Algonkian vocabulary and reading comprehension. Though written especially for children ages two to seven years old, beginning readers of all ages will enjoy this very simple approach to the Algonkian language. Awán Na? was written by Author and Poet Sadanyah Flowing Water. Flowing Water, who serves as Wolf Clan Mother for Montauk Tribe of Indians’ Sunksqá Wômôsut Máhsakit Manto, earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Hofstra University. While taking a Native American literature course at Hofstra University, Flowing Water was tasked with reading the book Fools Crow by James Welch. After reading the book she realized the significant impact of Native American literature. She also recognized that there is a huge deficit of indigenous authors who produce works written in their native tongues due to American colonialism. Sadanyah thus committed her efforts to the revitalization of the Algonkian Y Dialect and to promote indigenous peoples telling their own stories to paint a more truthful picture of who they are. Sadanyah Flowing Water is proud to present to the world Awán Na?, her tangible expression of hope that the Algonkian language will once again be spoken in every Northeastern Woodland indigenous home.

“I would like to thank my son, Shajuan “Burning Sage” Jackson and my mother, Aleather “Silver Rose” Carlisle-Cuadra, who gave her last gift to the world in the form of illustrations for Awán Na? May she rest in Power, Peace and Love. These illustrations were masterfully colored by Burning Sage. So, I thank him for helping his dying grandmother to get it in and get it done. Hô, and so it is!”-- Sadanyah Flowing Water

Awán Na? can be preordered and purchased by visiting As a thank you, you will receive an invitation to the Awán Na? Book Release Celebration. This event will feature a reading of Awán Na?, a talk-back session with Sadanyah Flowing Water and Shajuan Burning Sage Jackson, and performances by some of Sadanyah’s beautiful community of Creatives.   

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