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Envisioned by Montauk Tribe of Indians' Sadanyah Flowing Water, The World Alliance of Indigenous Peoples, Inc. began as a series of cultural and fine arts events serving to gather native families in celebration of their heritage. The richness of our unique insights, the beauty of our song, and the power of our dance are a type of good medicine. They are a spiritual healing to the individual, and the thread used to mend tears in our Indigenous social web.

As these events grew in popularity and number, the need for a global exchange of cultural arts and news among Indigenous Peoples became apparent to Ms. Flowing Water. Thus, The World Alliance of Indigenous Peoples, Inc. was formed to be a means by which that exchange takes place.

We believe all indigenous peoples must embrace who they are,
define their future and  protect our resources to restore balance in the world.

Our Mission

To support the identity and way of life of indigenous peoples across the globe, we strive to improve the socio-economic climate for Natives via the creation of employment and educational opportunities.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To broaden the reach of indigenous peoples across the globe by serving as a conduit for cultural exchange. Through our Trading Posts, international summits, and magazine, natives will have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, receive valuable training in various fields and take advantage of career opportunities. Our cultural and fine arts events serve as beacons of hope, celebrating the traditions, history and art of indigenous peoples around the world. 

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