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Make a Standard Donation Today and Receive Your 2024 BlacFax CALENDAR

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

An important textbook that black and brown peoples of Turtle Island (North and South America) should own is, in all actuality, a calendar. The BLACFAX CALENDAR is so dense with historical facts that it has been categorized as a textbook. In lieu of proposed bills and laws, such as the state of Texas’ Critical Race Theory Law, which threaten to remove vital chunks of history from textbooks and school curriculum, this calendar is a must-have. Please join us on July 30th at 6 PM for a discussion with editor and contributing author of the BLACFAX CALENDAR, Claire Harris.

It is ever so important for black and brown peoples of Turtle Island to display The BLACFAX CALENDAR in their homes. With every flip of the page, every day is a history lesson that will help to cultivate the confidence needed in youths to ensure diversity and tolerance in their communities. While supplies last, anyone who submits a Standard Donation to WAIP, INC. will receive a BLACFAX CALENDAR. Just visit And remember, “Each One Must Teach One.” The future is our responsibility.


Claire Harris retired from a full-time career in Adult Education at SUNY as an instructor and then administrator, as well as Assistant Professor at Mercy College. Since retiring, she continues to work part-time online, evaluating projects completed by adults seeking to earn a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma.

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