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George Floyd killing awakens indigenous rights movement in Australia

Updated: May 25, 2021

Videos that surfaced of Minneapolis police officers killing an unarmed and handcuffed George Floyd sparked outrage around the world. The incident tore open wounds especially among indigenous peoples in Australia.

Many Australians took to the streets to protest against the mistreatment of indigenous peoples, not only in their country, but around the world. In 2008 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formerly apologized to Australian indigenous communities for the removal of aboriginal and Torres Straight children from their families, communities and country. Despite the country also adopting National Sorry Day which occurs annually on May 26th, the country still struggles with issues of racism and police brutality.

National Sorry Day, or the National Day of Healing, occurs annually on May 26th to acknowledge and remember the mistreatment of the country's Indigenous peoples, to facilitate reconciliation between the Indigenous peoples and the settler population

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